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  • For groups

    Nice Club – wellbeing for You in everyday life
    Do you want to have a good time with colleagues/ family and friends and at the same time take care of your body and soul? We arrange programs for groups in different sizes and with different goals.

    Maybe you are planning a day with focus on your wellbeing at work or wanting to celebrate a special somebody? We might just have the perfect combination for you!

    As a group we can offer you a wide variety of treatments, yoga or qigong lessons, sauna baths, workshops and lectures on topics like mindfulness and healthy living.

    A stay with us for two hours could include the following programme:
    We welcome You and your group, give you a guided tour around the house telling you about the building that hosts Wasa Wellness today. This has been a public sauna / bathhouse for more than 125 years. This will be followed by the program of your choice. We will offer you fresh fruit and coffee or tea during your stay.

    When it comes to our treatments we are happy to be able to serve between 4-7 people at the same time. You can chose among the following treatments:
    1) Massage, neck and shoulders
    2) Classical back massage/ body massage
    3) Indian head massage
    4) Ionizing footbath
    5) Hot Stone massage
    6) Aromatherapy massage
    7) Chinese stress treatment

    For more details about prices, availability and so on please call Carina phone 040 153 2003 or email: carina@wasawellness.fi. We hope the You find something the suits you and your group. Looking forward hearing from You!

Wasa Wellness | Pitkänlahdenkatu 13, 65100 Vasa | Booking: 040 153 2003 | e-mail: info@wasawellness.fi / www.wasawellness.fi